One of our company’s core activities is the execution of monolithic reinforced concrete structures. Since the establishment, ÉPI has become one of the biggest Hungarian companies in terms of structure construction capacity. Besides traditional construction, our enterprise also performs industrial buildings, construction works and exposed concrete surfaces of the highest standards. Our ultimate concern is quality work and meeting the construction deadlines as well as all the demands of our customer.

Exposed concrete surfaces

The execution of exposed concrete surfaces is one of the greatest challenges of structure construction. The perfect construction of final concrete surfaces can only be accomplished with thorough planning including all details and a meticulous execution. Among ÉPI’s references are several such structures completed to the greatest satisfaction of our clients both in Hungary and abroad.

General construction

In 2003, based on its own experience, our company established an individual business unit for general construction with the aim of becoming a stable participant in this segment in the home market. In addition to the ÉPI Ltd. HQ and apartment buildings, our enterprise also provided turnkey solutions on its own, constructing luxury houses, bank headquarters buildings, villas, historical buildings and electrical substations of the highest standards.

Prefabrication of reinforcement steel

Recognizing the lack of capacity in the field of the prefabricated reinforcement steel, ÉPI established its own plant for cutting and bending reinforcement steel. As a result of this development, our automated production line of a yearly capacity of 20.000 tons started operation in 2004. The efficiency of the plant enables us to sell the excess quantity on external markets. In connection with the prefabrication of reinforcement steel, we also produce pile and diaphragm reinforcements. In 2007, with the investment in state-of-the-art MEP machines, the annual capacity of the plant grew to 40.000 tons.