About Us

Épszerk-Pannónia Invest Construction Industrial Ltd. was founded in 1989 and has been continuously present in the domestic market of industrial construction. Our enterprise is an exclusively Hungarian-owned industrial construction company, whose professional success is due to high-quality technological competence, innovative investment activity, a well-functioning enterprise resource planning system and a reliable network of subcontractors and suppliers. In the past 27 years, our company has been active in almost all areas of industrial construction, thus contributing to the architectural profile of Budapest as well as other cities in the country. In this period, we have built not only residential buildings, office buildings, bank headquarters, hotels, shopping centres, multiplex cinemas, sports and cultural institutions, but also industrial facilities and construction works, which require high professional skills. These constructions include, among others, wastewater treatment plants, hall buildings, power plants and factories. The stable financial situation of the company made it possible to get a foothold in other sectors of the construction industry. We have extended our core business to high profile supplier activities like cutting and bending reinforcing steel to our construction projects. Through our affiliated company, we have built, as a main contractor, numerous buildings both in the scope of our own investments and obtained works in the market. Beyond all these, we have performed structure construction activities not only in the domestic market, but also in Romania, France and Austria managed by our foreign subsidiaries.

In order to satisfy all demands of domestic and foreign customers, we are continuously developing our construction technology, formwork systems, means of production, as well as human resources and quality management systems. Our enterprise has had ISO certifications since 1996. Which are the following : ISO 9001:2009 Quality Management, ISO 14001:2005 Environmental Management system and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Health & Safety Management System.

Our Strategy

In the future, we would like to retain our current leading position in the market. Our intention is to further strengthen our financial stability and to raise funds for our own developments. In this vein, we have built, among others, office buildings (like Green House Office Building, Váci Greens Office Building, Offices of Graphisoft Park), wineries (Szent Ilona Winery in Somlóvásárhely, Figula Winery in Balatonfüred), residential buildings in Dandár Street or Fillér Street, as well as industrial facilities like the Mercedes press plant in Kecskemét, the combined cycle power plant in Gönyű, or the structure of Metro 4 stations in Budapest. We have also built cultural institutions like the Kodály Centre and the Zsolnay-quarter in Pécs, or the reconstruction of the Piarist Centre in the capital. Among our projects abroad are a hospital in Castres, France, a shopping mall in Romania and the „OASE 22” housing development in Austria. In addition, we would like to play a decisive role in new segments of the domestic construction market, such as turnkey solutions of luxury buildings and villas, redesigning and renovating old buildings, as well as the general construction of industrial facilities for various industrial service providers. Besides the Hungarian and the EU market, ÉPI has aimed to pursue construction activity in the countries of the Balkans – primarily in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Beyond these, we continue to place great emphasis on developing our physical assets and training our staff in order to retain the already motivated and committed manpower.